Camélia de Chanel THE Highlighter

Chanel has created a special highlighter for Christmas  2016!

An exclusive creation that can only be found on their website! It’s a champagne colour highlighter embossed with a Cameila flower the preferred flower of Madame Coco Chanel!

What the Brand says;

“Mademoiselle Chanel pricked a camellia on the back of a black jacket to illuminate the face. With CAMÉLIA DE CHANEL, highlight your beauty. This iridescent illuminating powder, printed with a shining camellia, illuminates the shadow areas, and underlines the points of light of the face. Make-up result: satiny and luminous.

The price is a bit steep 65Euro and is available on the French website and certain Chanel stores in Paris, i have not seen it on the US website yet or if at all.

This one is a real collectors item if you like that…bought it since one week ago and haven’t been able to put my fingers in it yet!

Look how the colour compares to the Dior 002 Highlighter that came out for Spring 2015 collection.



We can truly see the difference!


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