Mac Whisper of Guilt Highlighter Christmas 2016 collection

Learnt about this highlighter last year when I was looking for the ‘Perfect’ Highlighter,  while googling I came across many many MANY blogs and youtube videos about THIS highlighter… naturally I had to have one! But I soon discoverd that it was no longer available!!!shuttt what now!!!!

Then looking at some youtube videos I realised that “holy cow” its back in the Christmas Collection….so I waited patiently until it was available here in France, I even went twice yes twice to an actual MAC store to get it and they did not have it YET!!!! disappointed I said whatever will be will be:

Then one day I got an email in my inbox saying back in store hurry and get it!!!!!!


..and so i did ; ))



I even like the colour of the blush and  I count myself lucky to have gotten hold of one!


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