Guerlain Meteorites- colour medium

Hey chicas!

How you’ll been?

I was not one who was crazy in love with Guerlain’s little pearls until now or even the brand Guerlain itself did not interest me mucho….dont know but I somewhat always associated it as a more mature crowd!

Then I bought this and it changed my view….








I dont really like when its very sparkly or too white so I am careful how I choose these lil tubs of pearls! The one that was release for Christmas was a little bit too sparkly for my liking so I made a pass!

Pretty happy with the end results on my colour skin tone not too obvious and does leave a nice finish! Wont be getting the Spring 2017 Happy Glow as it does not work for me!

This article does not contain any affiliated link to any brand!

The products present was purchased by me. The opinions expressed are my personal thoughts and expressions.

The text and photos are my personal property and should not be used or distributed without my permission. onparlemakeup


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