CHANEL Joues Contraste Powder Blush – 370 Elegance COCO CODES Spring 2017 Collection


Bonjour les filles;

I am a big fan of Chanel blushes I do find them soooo pigmented and the classic Chanel rose smell makes you feel so luxurious when you are putting it on..damm they know how to get my money lol!

I was a bit worried at first that this colour maybe not show up so much on my skin tone but surprisingly enough it is very pigmented,I have to apply it slightly and build up as I go so as to not look like a clown!

Hope you enjoyed some of my close up shots to see the true colour and texture.

On me it translates into some what of a tan colour, just the right amount of ‘flush’ to give my skin..’bonne mine’.


See you soon on the blog:





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The products present was purchased by me. The opinions expressed are my personal thoughts and expressions.

The text and photos are my personal property and should not be used or distributed without my permission. onparlemakeup



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