YSL Rouge Volonté Shine Oil-In-Stick 57 Rouge Spencer

It’s my first time trying out this product and by hazard, after walking into the store…as usual I fell in love and walked out of the store with one in my hand and a couple euros less in my pocket!

I think as I am getting older (cough, cough) I am falling in love with a more luxurious feel on the lips, not drying etc, I love matte lipsticks but only if you don’t have that drying feeling.

This is what the brand says:

“my lips, my rules, my pleasure


A potent cocktail to dazzle the senses, one of a kind shine, Rouge Volupté Shine is the combination of a creamy texture and vibrant colors that makes lip color a delicious treat. 19 colors for ultra-sensual YSL lips, addicted to pleasure. Let your lipstick speak for itself.

Directions for use

For fuller-looking lips, apply Touche Eclat on the lip contour and redefine their shape with Dessin des Lèvres lip pencil. Then apply a ribbon of satiny and luminous colour with the Rouge Volupté of your choice. The clever mirror allows for an easy and quick make-up at any time of the day.



Wow with 19 colours to choose from how can one go wrong???

What more can a girl want but to have a lipstick that also takes care of your lips while enhancing it with full on colour?

Here are some of my close up shots:



Rouge spencer was described as a pink-red but I found that on my lips it showed up more of an orangy red!!! could be wrong or maybe it was the lighting lol

Love it anyway and can’t wait to rock it for spring!

This article does not contain any affiliated link to any brand!

The products present was purchased by me. The opinions expressed are my personal thoughts and expressions.

The text and photos are my personal property and should not be used or distributed without my permission. onparlemakeup


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