Yup a little haul for you girls today,

How are you ladies keeping? I am so no SUPER excited to share with you all my first Chanel earrings!!!! I have been searching for the small strass ones but could not find them. The sales girl told me she had’nt gotten those since a while, there were coloured ones available, but I did not like them at all, so I fell for these babies!



Thought they would be too big for me but as it turns out the more I see them the more               ♥♥ I  LOVE ♥♥ them lol!!

Here are two links to an UNBOXING video I uploaded on youtube one is in French and the other is in English (in that order).





This article does not contain any affiliated link to any brand!

The products present was purchased by me. The opinions expressed are my personal thoughts and expressions.

The text and photos, and videos are my personal property and should not be used or distributed without my permission. onparlemakeup



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