Like wow! I literally bought this bronzer this morning and could not wait to get this on the blog…..

This is one of the many bronzers being put out by Guerlain for summer 2017, man are we going to have difficult decisions to make!!!

As I am writing on the blog this is very very new as I can see it’s only available in Russia and France at the moment I have checked the Guerlain site and its not on there yet, so you all are very very privileged 🙂

Now can we talk about the packing, Guerlain sure does put alot of work into their packaging their products are out of this world! The bronzer is housed in a brown metal box which is not heavy, good idea to take with you on vacation, and easy to slip into a beach bag to re-apply after for dinner (hey just some options).  It’s a screw open pan and inside on the cover is a nice surprise……a big mirror..all a girl needs to slap this on, although I would have loved to have a brush as well to complete the on the go concept!




Inside you will find a lovely embossed ‘leaf’ or ‘branches’ bronzing powder embossed with gold (rest assured it’s going to come off it’s just at the top), and some subtle touches of pink ‘drops’. Can’t explain to you how much this smells amazing and I cant wait for summer!!!

I tried it on my skin and it does not come off just as a bronzer, you can see a hint of pink in there, and that’s what I love about it……it does not darken my already tan skin but gives it a nice glow with a hit of colour.

I am guessing this will fly off the shelves! If you want to get your hands on it, you’ve got to move fast and now, as usual its Limited Editon.

See you guys soon on the blog and hope you all are enjoying all the lovely flowers everywhere.

This article does not contain any affiliated link to any brand!

The products present was purchased by me. The opinions expressed are my personal thoughts and expressions.

The text, photos and videos are my personal property and should not be used or distributed without my permission. onparlemakeup


Salut les filles,

Je vous prĂ©sente les fameuses poudre bronzante de Guerlain, en Ă©crivant ce blog elle est en exclu chez nocibe. Elle est une de poudre sortent de Guerlain cette Ă©tĂ©, elle est magnifique, très belle avec les ‘feuille’ ou ‘palmier’ qui nous rappelons d’étĂ© et l’odeur est très très agrĂ©able!

A l’intĂ©rieur de la boite on trouve une très grande miroir, les dorĂ© qui part si vite et un peu de touche de rose! Ce que j’aime c’est que cette poudre ne me fait pas foncĂ©e, sur ma ma peau dĂ©jĂ  bronzĂ©e ça ajoute legerment un peu de couleur et belle mine a mes joues!

Je vous dit les filles……..’girls’ celle-la va vite partir! Comme d’habitude c’est en Édition LimitĂ©e, il faut rĂ©agir vite et NOW!

biz soon on the blog!

Cet article ne contient aucun lien affilie. Les produits présentés ont été achetés avec mes derniers personnels.

L’opinion exprimée dans cet article est personnelle. Le texte et les photos sont ma propriété. onparlemakeup.


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