Ok let’s go!

Newly released collection by Chanel for summer 2017:


Les beiges bronzing powders in Medium Light, Medium, Medium Deep and Deep! Light is also available but as an exclusive on CHANEL’s website.


Healthy Glow Blush no. 23 (Stick Belle Mine)



Nail polishes (Les Vernis) in 562 Coralium, Coquillage, Sargasso and SEA Whip!


Here are some swatches on my hand of the powder in Medium, the lipsticks 527 Golden sun, and the eyeshadow quad. On my cheek i’m wearing the blush and bronzer in medium.CHANEL website link:


Les Swatches sur ma main sont la poudre teinte Medium, RAL coco shine 527 Golden sun, et les ombres à paupières de la collection. Sur ma joue je porte le stick belle mine 23 et la poudre teinte medium.

Eyeshadow Quad/Ombres à paupières


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